Vertically Integrated
Producer of
CBD-Rich Hemp

Converting Farms to CBD Hemp Production

Experts in the Hemp Value Chain

We support the creation and distribution of cannabinoid products

Following Markets, Regulations, & AG Tech to Generate Growth

Accelerating high-quality hemp production following the AG Tech evolution

Pistil Community
of Farmers

Growth Areas to Watch

Market Trends

  • Consumer Behaviors: Evolving Brands, Products, and Delivery Methods

  • Changing Technology Impacts: Researchers, Producers, Distributors, and Consumers

  • Innovative Medical Applications: Cannabinoid-based Therapies

Vertically Integrated Producer

Working Across the Hemp Value Chain to Create a Large Production Footprint

Licensors of Rich CBD Hemp Strains

(Certified Varieties)

Distributors of Genetic Starting Materials 


Farmers Contracted to Grow
Extractors & Refiners of Oils & Isolates
Manufacturers of CBD Infused Consumer Goods

High-Level Steps – How We Work

Organizing & Optimizing Production
Licensing & Business Structure
Financials, Investment & Strategy
Team Reinforcement & Technology
Facility Design & Operations Management
Crop Strategy, Selection & Genetics
Ongoing Compliance & Growth

Best Practices

We help create consistency across the entire hemp process using standardized operating procedures to create high-quality products year after year

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